Ukrainian Armed Forces prevent Russia from using Kakhovka Bridge to transfer military equipment

FRIDAY, 23 SEPTEMBER 2022, 04:11

The Armed Forces of Ukraine prevented Russia’s attempt to transfer a convoy of military equipment from one bank of the River Dnipro to the other via the [Nova] Kakhovka Bridge on the evening of 22 September.

Source: Operational Command Pivden (South) on Facebook

Details: The operational command noted that the Ukrainian Armed Forces opened controlled fire on the Russian forces in order to prevent them from crossing the bridge.

Russia’s losses [in southern Ukraine on 22 September]:

  • 18 military personnel;

  • 3 large-calibre Msta-B and Msta-S howitzers;

  • 2 tanks;

  • 2 armoured vehicles.

The day before, the Ukrainian Armed Forces also successfully struck a Russian pontoon crossing near Lvove.

Ukrainian rocket artillery units carried out around 280 firing missions, striking two command posts (in Beryslav and Nova Kakhovka), three areas where Russian military personnel and equipment were concentrated (in the Kherson and Kakhovka districts) and an ammunition storage point (in the Beryslav district).

Ukrainian aircraft conducted 13 strikes on Russian forces. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s air defence units shot down five Russian suicide drones (in the Mykolaiv and Bashtanka districts).

Russian forces conducted five airstrikes and a missile strike on the positions of Ukrainian troops and civilian settlements along the frontline and beyond it over the course of 22 September.

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