Ukrainian Armed Forces strike Zmiyinyy Island, destroy 3 Russian anti-aircraft installations

Olha Hluschenko - Sunday, 1 May 2022, 01:50 The Ukrainian Armed Forces have destroyed a Russian Repellent-1 radio-electronic combat station, 3 anti-aircraft installations, a Strela-10 rocket launcher, a communications system, and have killed 42 personnel in the southern operational area. Source: Southern Operational Command Quote: "In the Mykolayiv-Kherson area, active fighting continues. The enemy, having failed to any progress, has dug in in its positions and is continuing to employ artillery and mortar fire. "Its renewed attempts at reconnaissance with the use of drones has resulted in the loss of two more Orlan-10s in the Mykolayiv region. Our units' aimed strikes were destructive. "In the Kherson region, our defenders destroyed a 'Repellent-1' enemy radioelectronic combat station with artillery fire '. "Another attack on enemy installations on Zmiyinyy Island destroyed three anti-aircraft installations, a Strela-10 rocket launcher, and a communications system - a server room containing telecommunications equipment." Details: The Southern Operational Command reports 42 Russians killed in action. Odesa suffered another rocket strike, this time from the territory of occupied Crimea. 3 Onyx rockets were launched from a Bastion rocket launcher and hit an airstrip. No casualties were recorded. However, the airstrip was rendered unusable. Russia continues its destabilisation efforts in and around Odesa on the eve of 2 May, which marks eight years since the tragic events in 2014 when over 40 people were killed in the city during an attempted pro-Russian coup. Ukrainian intelligence services have obtained copies of the newspaper Pridniestrovye which have been pre-printed for 2 May and which feature an alleged official appeal from residents of the unrecognised Transnistrian Moldovan Republic to Russian President Vladimir Putin to "protect them from attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces." "Publicising this provocation discredits the enemy actions," says Southern Operational Command. Russian ships continue to blockade northwestern areas of the Black Sea and to threaten the entire territory of Ukraine with rocket strikes.