A Ukrainian army lieutenant says Russian soldiers keep 'falling into the same traps' as Putin's commanders force them forward

A destroyed Russian tank is seen at a position on March 31, 2022 in Malaya Rohan, Ukraine.
A destroyed Russian tank in Malaya Rohan, Ukraine, on March 31.Chris McGrath/Getty Images
  • A Ukrainian army lieutenant said Russian soldiers were fighting "stupidly" and without strategy.

  • Second Lt. Tetiana Chornovol told CBS News that Putin's army was "falling into the same traps."

  • "It's pure evil what they did," volunteer Ukrainian soldier Andriy Rogalski said of Russian forces.

A Ukrainian army lieutenant said Russian soldiers were fighting "stupidly" and without strategy as President Vladimir Putin's forces continued to make little military progress in their five-week war in the Eastern European country.

"The Russians are fighting stupidly," 2nd Lt. Tetiana Chornovol, a former politician, told CBS News in an interview that aired on Thursday. "They don't have a strategy or tactics. They're falling into the same traps, and their commanders are just pushing them to advance."

Andriy Rogalski, a volunteer Ukrainian soldier, criticized Russia's attacks on Ukrainian cities in his own interview with CBS News.

"It's pure evil what they did," Rogalski, who said he worked as a crane operator before heading to war and received two weeks of basic training, told CBS News.

Russia's defense ministry said earlier this week that it would scale down attacks in the northern part of Ukraine, as it planned to withdraw forces from around Kyiv and redirect focus on the eastern Donbas region.

The US and Ukraine have expressed skepticism over Russia's claim — which comes amid ongoing peace negotiations — and said troop movement was likely a redeployment rather than a withdrawal.

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