Ukrainian attack aircraft hit a concentration of Russian troops in Kherson Oblast

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In Kherson Oblast, Ukrainian aircraft conducted two airstrikes on a Russian stronghold and a concentration of Russian manpower.

Source: Pivden [South] Operational Command on Facebook

Quote: "The enemy continues to build defences. Their ability to conduct combat operations is limited due to the demoralisation of personnel, problems with logistics, and the skillful work of our rocket and artillery units.

The enemy has made two attempts to conduct an airstrike on the liberated territories in northern Kherson Oblast. But following an attack on our positions, [the enemy] immediately retreated under the onslaught of retaliatory fire."

Details: Ukrainian attack aircraft conducted two airstrikes on a Russian stronghold, an ammunition supply point, and on a concentration of Russian troops, weapons, and equipment in the areas near Blahodatne and Davydiv Brid.