Ukrainian aviation inflicts significant losses on Russians

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The work of Ukrainian aviation in the east
The work of Ukrainian aviation in the east

The general commented on how, despite the enemy’s best efforts since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale war, they had not been able to destroy Ukrainian aviation.

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“Ukrainian Armed Forces pilots support the ground forces that are holding the front in the east,” Syrskyi said.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s military allies are providing more aid to Ukraine so that it can protect its airspace, with the Slovakian government approving on March 17 the transfer of some of its old Soviet-era fighter jets to Ukraine.

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Slovakia will transfer 13 MiG-29 fighters, as well as two Kub anti-aircraft missile complexes and their control systems, spare parts, and missiles.

Slovakia announced that it had transferred the first four of the fighter jets to Ukraine on March 23.

While, the Ukrainian Air Force believes that the provision of modernized Soviet MiG-29 fighters will significantly help, but it is unlikely to bring about any substantive changes on the front line.

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For that, they stress, Ukraine requires modern Western combat aircraft.

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