Ukrainian border guards repel Russian attack near Bakhmut

Ukrainian border guards repelled the advance of Russian troops near Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast, killing the unit’s commander, Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service reported on Jan. 7.

The border guards reportedly prevented the Russian troops from attacking a Ukrainian strongpoint, forcing them to retreat.

Ukrainian border guards have fought alongside Ukraine’s military in the east and south of the country amid Russia’s full-scale invasion.

The battle of Bakhmut has gone on for more than five months as Russian forces throw manpower and artillery at the town in an effort to capture it.

Both Ukrainian and Russian forces have sustained major losses, but Bakhmut has remained Ukraine’s main fortress in Donetsk Oblast.

Bakhmut is a major transportation hub, making it a valuable target for Russia.

Capturing the city would also be significant for Russia’s goal of occupying the entirety of Donetsk Oblast.