Ukrainian at COP27 to fight another war: climate change

STORY: Recalling the first few days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the confusion she initially felt, the 21-year old member of environmental group 'Fridays for Future', says it was a normal night. She was working on her university assignments and fell asleep until she woke up from the sound of an explosion.

“I remember at that time I just simply didn't know what to do, what am I supposed to do in such situations, it seemed that the worst that could happen, already happened,” she told Reuters from the sidelines of the U.N. Climate Summit in Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh.

Fleeing Kharkov and moving to her hometown of Poltava, she eventually returned to the city amongst others to collect stories from locals which she plans to post online.

Seeing the damage inflicted on her country and its people, it eventually dawned on her that not only are fossil fuels the cause of climate change, but also war.

“My experience is that fossil fuels are not only the main cause of the climate crisis that we are facing right now but it is also about the fact that they are weaponized at the hands of dictatorial regimes,” she said.