Ukrainian Defence Ministry explains how Russian propaganda fights

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine has pointed out once again that the Russian aggressor state is trying to find out the information it needs, and one of the ways it does this is by using fake news of various kinds.

Source: Hanna Maliar, Deputy Defence Minister, on Telegram

Quote: "There is no war without losses. The most terrible but inevitable losses are people. And unfortunately, military equipment that cannot be destroyed has not yet been created.

But today's wars are taking place in two dimensions: the real one and the information dimension. Information battles are no less fierce. And they too have certain tasks, rules and laws.

For example, any party to an armed conflict seeks to demonstrate the enemy's losses and conceal its own losses during the active phase of hostilities.

Why? Because the more information is publicly available about the enemy, the easier it is to calculate its capabilities and plans.

In addition to intelligence operations, which are currently very difficult for the Russians on our territory, there are other ways to extract the information they need by filling the information space with provocations.

By doing this, you can force the other side to give out as much information about itself as possible. For example, by encouraging justifications and refutations."

Details: Maliar noted that, for instance, for this purpose, inflated casualty figures are being bandied about with the expectation that indignant Ukrainians will start refuting them and will provide some data or indirect references to data.

Or, for example, stories about the disappearance of the commander-in-chief or other commanders are planted to draw out comments and refutations with photos and videos showing where they really are.

"So we need to understand that we are also fighting with information, just like the enemy," Maliar added.

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