Ukrainian drivers block roads in Polish cities to protest against border blockade

Several dozen Ukrainian drivers have blocked roads in the Polish cities of Przemyśl and Medyka on 28 November to protest against Polish hauliers obstructing operations of crossing points on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Source: European Pravda, citing Poland’s RMF FM

Details: About 30 Ukrainian drivers took to the pedestrian crossing at the entrance to Przemyśl and in Medyka, which is a border town, effectively blocking traffic.

The Przemyśl police told RMF FM that law enforcement officers are at the scene, the protests take place peacefully, and their initiators make no secret that their actions are a response to Polish hauliers blocking the traffic of Ukrainian lorries.

Anna Gembicka, Poland's newly appointed Agriculture and Rural Development Minister, was to meet with Polish hauliers at the Medyka crossing on Tuesday evening.

Background: Since 6 November, Polish hauliers have been holding protests at three border crossings on the Polish-Ukrainian border, letting several cars through each hour. Last week, the blockade of another checkpoint, Medyka-Shehyni, commenced.

On Monday, 27 November, the Polish Infrastructure Ministry reported that it had addressed Ukraine with a proposal to resolve the situation with the blockade at the border.

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