Ukrainian Embassy in Poland turns to police because of spilled grain incident

Photo: Rafał Mekler on Twitter
Photo: Rafał Mekler on Twitter

The Ukrainian Embassy in Poland expects a strong reaction from the Polish side after the incident at the border, where protesting farmers spilled some grain from Ukrainian trucks.

Source: Vasyl Zvarych, Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland; European Pravda

Details: Vasyl Zvarych noted that the Ukrainian lorries that the farmers had stopped and from which some of the grain had been spilled were sealed after customs procedures and were supposed to be in transit to Lithuania.

"The embassy and consulate general of Ukraine in Lublin immediately turned to the Polish police to open a case on the fact of this shameful crime.

The Polish police have opened proceedings and started the necessary procedures," the ambassador said, adding that diplomats are in touch with the drivers of these lorries.

"Such methods of the protesters should not be tolerated in a civilised European country, not to mention the moral side of this provocation.

Therefore, we demand that the perpetrators be found and brought to justice. The Polish authorities should respond decisively in the legal field to this shameful and offensive crime for Ukrainians and most Poles and not allow such barbaric actions in the future," the Ukrainian ambassador said.


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