Ukrainian film director Holubkov flees to Moscow

Taras Golubkov tricked the Ministry of Culture to flee to Moscow
Taras Golubkov tricked the Ministry of Culture to flee to Moscow

Holubkov was supposed to travel abroad to shoot a documentary about the war in Ukraine.

The ministry noted that after the film director had provided the required documents, he was granted permission to leave the country from Nov. 14 to Nov. 30.

The department shared with journalists a cover letter where the director explained the importance of his “mission” abroad.

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YouTube <span class="copyright">МУЗ PRO-Новини</span>
YouTube МУЗ PRO-Новини

“The War Diary project has been created, whose main informational task is to show the European audience the whole picture, and to convey the issues to the audience through the documentary form,” Holubkov wrote in his letter.

“Each story highlights real people who found themselves in the difficult circumstances of war. The value of this project is a kind of ‘live broadcast,’ recording absolutely real events! Anyone from any part of the world can see the stories of people who came face-to-face with such a terrible tragedy as war!”

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Instead of shooting a documentary about Russia’s war on Ukraine, Holubkov shot a music video for Russian pop singer Klava Koka.

While the video lists Maksim Irman as director in the YouTube credits under her video, a Russian TV channel shared footage showing Holubkov sitting in the film director’s chair.

The Ukrainian director said that Latvian-based production company Porta Bonanza SIA was engaged in the production of the documentary. There is, however, no mention of this on the Internet.

“Together with the Porta Bonanza SIA production team, we decided to shift the shooting days from Nov. 14 to Nov. 30,” the film director wrote in his cover letter.

“I’ll be very grateful for your answer as it’s necessary for us to plan to shoot during these dates.”

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