Ukrainian filmmaker Oleh Sentsov again injured at front line

Ukrainian filmmaker and activist Oleh Sentsov said in a post on Facebook on Sept. 10 that he was injured on the front line.

According to Sentsov, who joined the military in February 2022, he has a "light contusion and another membrane tear."

He noted that he does not need to be hospitalized, adding that "there is a lot of work to be done, and not only near Robotyne," referring to the village in Zaporizhzhia Oblast near which there is active fighting.

Earlier on Sept. 10, the General Staff reported that Ukrainian forces had "partial success" in the villages of Klishchiivka and Robotyne, which are in Donetsk Oblast and Zaporizhzhia Oblast, respectively.

"I am fine now. I am grateful to those who supported me and my family during this difficult time," Sentsov said.

Sentsov also added that "the next position has been taken," although he did not elaborate on the statement.

“Each fight always seems more difficult than the last, but this one really was,” Sentsov said.

This is not the filmmaker's first wound on the battlefield.

He received shrapnel wounds in early- and mid-July, which reportedly led to related health issues.

Sentsov was one of the most high-profile political prisoners held by Russia. He was arrested in Crimea in 2014 by the Russian authorities on the occupied peninsula and later sentenced to 20 years in prison for so-called "terrorism," charges internationally recognized to have been politically motivated. He was released in 2019 during a prisoner swap.

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