Ukrainian forces strike 4 areas where Russian troops were concentrated Operational Command Pivden (South)

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine have struck several areas where Russian forces were concentrated in Southern Ukraine, killing 90 Russian soldiers and destroying their military equipment.

Source: Operational Command Pivden (South) on Facebook

Quote: "The forces of an enemy motor rifle platoon attempted to conduct assault operations in order to improve their tactical positions on the Davydiv Brid – Bilohirka axis. The [enemy troops] were spotted in time and [their advance] stopped with artillery fire. [The enemy] retreated with losses.

Over the course of the day, the enemy continued to fire on the [Ukrainian] positions along the line of contact, and on the nearby [territories], carrying out a total of three airstrikes and three missile strikes.

[Russia] has continued to blackmail [Ukraine] by carrying out missile strikes on critical infrastructure targets in the Kryvyi Rih district in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. There were no casualties.

[Russian forces] used a Smerch [Tornado] multiple-launch rocket system – and, later, S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems – to fire rockets and missiles on the Bashtanka district, in Mykolaiv Oblast on the evening [of 19 September]. They struck open ground and farming lands. There were no human casualties."

Details: Ukrainian aircraft carried out 15 airstrikes on Russian forces, destroying two Russian Orlan-10 and Orlan-30 operational-tactical UAVs.

Rocket artillery units carried out over 260 firing missions, including on four areas where Russian reserve military personnel and equipment were concentrated in the Beryslav, Henichesk, Kakhovka and Kherson districts, as well as on bridges and alternative crossings (pontoon crossings and barges).

Russia’s confirmed losses [on 19 September] amounted to 90 military personnel, three tanks, eight armoured vehicles, three Msta-B and Msta-S howitzers, four self-propelled 152 mm Akatsia guns, two self-propelled Giatsint-S guns, six Grad multiple-launch rocket systems and an ammunition storage point in Pravdyne.

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