Ukrainian hauliers start blocking Polish lorries – photo, video

Photo: Suspilne
Photo: Suspilne

Ukrainian carriers have started their own protest at checkpoints on the border with Poland on 20 February in response to the blockading of lorries by Polish protesters.

Source: Suspilne

Details: Volodymyr Mykhalevych, Head of the NGO International Lorries Carriers of Ukraine, told Suspilne that the peaceful protest near three international checkpoints, namely Rava-Ruska, Krakovets, and Shehyni, will continue from 20 February to 15 March or until the Polish protesters unblock the borders, whichever comes first.

Quote from Mykhalevych: "Either everyone stays, or everyone goes. It's unfair that Ukrainian vehicles stay while Polish ones are allowed through. We understand what they want. But all of the Polish demands are directed at the European Union or their own government; there are no demands toward Ukraine, so it's a bizarre situation. People are very determined. They will stand there around the clock."

More details: Suspilne reported that the protest at the Korczowa-Krakovets checkpoint started at 12:00. Drivers placed posters on trucks with inscriptions in Ukrainian and English, including "Remove the blockade, bring Ukrainian drivers back home", "Stop the blockade at the borders", "Ukraine's loss – Poland's loss", "The blockade of Ukraine is a betrayal of European values" and others.

Chairman of the NGO Ukrainian Transport Union in Lviv Oblast Oleh Dubyk informed Suspilne that the Association of International Road Carriers of Ukraine, the NGO Ukrainian Transport Union, and the NGO International Carriers of Ukraine participated in the protest.


Ukrainian protesters.

Photo: Suspilne

Dubyk stated that Polish lorries will be allowed to enter Ukraine at the same rate as the Polish protesters allow Ukrainian ones through in the opposite direction. "The main goal of our protest is to stop Polish vehicles from being exempt from the queues and to make them stand in line, just like ours are in Poland".


  • A week ago, Polish farmers threatened to block the border from 20 February.

  • Polish farmers blocked the railway near the Shehyni-Medyka checkpoint and spilled some grain out of a freight train wagon on the morning of 20 February. It was not the first such incident - on 11 February, Polish farmers also spilled part of the cargo of three Ukrainian grain lorries.


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