Ukrainian intelligence: 5,800 Russian troops currently located in Belarus

There are currently 5,800 Russian troops on the territory of the Republic of Belarus according to Vadim Shitbotsky of Ukrainian defense intelligency agency HUR.

The focus on Russian movements in Belarus comes amid speculation that Russia could launch a new large-scale offensive from the territory of Ukraine's northern neighbor, after the first attempt failed in March 2022.

On Jan. 21, another representative of Ukraine’s military intelligence allayed these fears, saying that “there is no threat from Belarus of a full-scale group operation.”

Shibitsky notes that Russia currently holds one “Iskander” division, S-300 and S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, and three MIG-31 aircrafts on the Belarussian territory.

On Jan.16, Russian and Belarussian air forces started joint military exercises to “improve operational compatibility in the joint performances of combat training tasks.” The exercises are expected to end on Feb. 1.