Ukrainian military describes first batch of "Russian Lend-Lease" in Ukraines south

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have discovered Russian tanks, artillery and other equipment in the liberated territories of the south. The occupiers failed to take these pieces across the Dnipro River during their retreat.

Source: Nataliia Humeniuk, head of the press centre of Operational Command Pivden (South), speaking for a broadcast at FREE TV channel on 11 November [FREE is Ukrainian specialised Russian-language TV channel for broadcasting abroad. Satellite broadcasting of the channel is available to viewers throughout Europe, as well as the western part of Russia -ed.]

Quote: "We discovered some equipment [abandoned by the occupiers - ed.]. It is dispersed. They tried to evacuate the bulk of it and moved it even across those alternative crossings that are not suitable for this. Our units recorded abandoned artillery installations, tanks, and armoured vehicles. We are gathering the abandoned pieces in the fields. We will definitely send back in the opposite direction[to Russian units-ed.] those pieces that are in working order – send them in the form of projectiles."

Details: Humeniuk added that the Russians had heavily mined the areas where they retreated from. They had left behind a lot of threats including booby traps.  For this reason, it is dangerous for civilians to return to the liberated territories at this point.

Quote: "It is too early to return at this point. While retreating, the occupiers mined critical infrastructure facilities, cut off the electricity supply, destroyed water and gas pipelines, and worsened the situation with heating supply. That is why a lot of utilities were damaged. It is very difficult to restore them while the shelling is ongoing. We recommend people to refrain from returning."

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