Ukrainian military going on offensive in some areas, says deputy defense minister

The epicenter of hostilities remains the Bakhmut direction

“We’re continuing the defense that we started on Feb. 24, 2022,” she said.

“The defensive operation includes everything, in particular counter-offensive actions. Therefore, we’re going on the offensive in some areas.”

The Bakhmut area remains the epicenter of hostilities, Malyar stressed.

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“We’re advancing with a rather wide front there,” the deputy minister said.

“We’re succeeding. We’re occupying the dominant heights. The enemy is on the defensive, trying to hold ground.”

The Russian invaders are also on the defensive in the south, with the local battles taking place there, Malyar added.

“Why are the Russians actively spreading information about a counter-offensive?” the official said.

“Because they need to divert attention from the defeat in the Bakhmut area.”

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Russia has stepped up its information and psychological operations by spreading fake stories about the Ukrainian counter-offensive, the Ukrainian military’s Centre for Strategic Communications said on June 5.

Ukraine has said it will not comment officially on thee statements by the Russians.

Neither will Ukraine officially announce the beginning of the counter-offensive, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said previously.

However, Ukraine is now ready to launch its long-expected counter-offensive, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on June 3.

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