Ukrainian military intelligence says Russia lost millions of dollars due to a secret ‘black box’ project

GUR chief Kirill Budanov
GUR chief Kirill Budanov

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The press office of the ministry said the equipment reduces the offensive potential of the Russian army.

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The details of the project are being kept secret.

"Taking in account its secret nature, I can’t reveal the details of this joint project, but it definitely will affect the combat field, GUR chief Kirill Budanov said, according to the post.

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“According to our estimates, the project, which we have called ‘Black Box,’ caused millions of dollars of damage to Russia in October alone,”

“Together with our patrons and other Ukrainians who care, we continue to hinder the enemy's combat abilities.”

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Ukraine launched a daring attack on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet on Oct. 29, using hitherto unknown remote-controlled sea drones to attack Russian warships. Two ships are thought to have been damaged in the attack, video of which, filmed from the drones, later circulated on social media.

President Zelenskyy on Nov. 11 launched on the UNITED24 fundraising platform a campaign to raise money to build for the world’s first naval drone fleet.

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