Ukrainian partisans in Mariupol have set grain fields on fire to prevent Russia theft advisor to the mayor


Petro Andriushchenko, Advisor to the Mayor of Mariupol, has reported that partisans set grain fields on fire so that Russians aren’t able to steal and export the grain.

Source: Andriushchenko on Telegram

Quote: "Our resistance group ‘Nemizida’ [nemesis] is sending the occupiers another warm greeting. Literally.

Now Russians will be able to steal far less grain from the fields of Mariupol. The fire in the direction of Novoazovsk-Donetsk is pleasing to the eye.

Nearby there are fortifications, ammunition storages and mine fields laid by the occupiers out of fear.

If they can’t put the fire out, then they can’t steal the grain. We have hope that the fire will spread to their base, and there will be a spectacular explosion."

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