Ukrainian scouts describe a continuous 30-hour battle near Kupyansk

Ukrainian intelligence officers
Ukrainian intelligence officers

Ukrainian soldiers from the Artan Special Forces unit have shared details of a continuous 30-hour battle near Kupyansk, the Chernivtsi media agency ACC reported on Nov. 22.

The call signs of the interviewed special forces scouts are Val and Kremin.

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"The enemy was numerous. We all stayed in the trenches, soaked for several days, and this was probably one of the biggest difficulties," said Kremin.

At one point in October, Russian forces made another attempt to launch an assault on Ukrainian positions along the Kupyansk sector, and Val recalled that his position was surrounded.

The soldiers engaged in a 30-hour battle. Kremin hit an enemy tank with a Swedish-made Carl Gustaf grenade launcher, while Val destroyed a Russian armored vehicle.

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"At some point, I heard equipment next to our position. I realized that I had three seconds before (the enemy) reloaded," recalls Val.

Climbing onto the “observation post,” he spotted the barrel of a DShK—a Soviet heavy machine gun.

"I took a shot, and in those seconds of complete silence... in my mind, the realization hit me – this is life, now I’m alive!" said the scout.

The special forces soldiers managed to repel the massive Russian attack and hold their positions in the end.

The scouts emphasized the importance of preparation and mental stability in combat clashes with the enemy.

"When a critical situation occurs, all your skills are reduced to a minimum – to what you do reflexively," said Val.

Kremin and Val are continuing to defend Ukraine.

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"I realized what patriotism is – not on paper, not in loud words, but what it is like to love your homeland, your country and give the most precious thing for it, because we will donate our lives,” said Val.

“Until my last breath, I will destroy the enemy to take a step closer to victory."

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