Ukrainian Security Council Secretary reacted to Li Hui's words about possibility of negotiations with Russia

The Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council, Oleksii Danilov, has said that Ukraine is not going to "open the door" to negotiations with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Source: Danilov on the national joint 24/7 newscast

Quote from Danilov: "We didn’t close the doors [for negotiations – ed.], and we are not going to open them, they are closed quite firmly. You all know that there is a decision of the National Security and Defence Council on this issue – that we are not going to hold any negotiations with Putin."

Details: According to the head of the National Security and Defence Council, the position of other countries on negotiations is explained by the fact that they defend their own interests and "work out certain processes for the sake of their own consumption".

Danilov noted that Ukraine's demands are quite simple: restoration of the Ukrainian borders of 1991, Putin and his accomplices being held responsible for all their crimes, compensation for losses, and security guarantees for Ukraine.

In addition, Danilov reacted to the information that Russia manages to collect weapons and drones with foreign components despite the sanctions.

According to the head of the National Security and Defence Council, Ukraine and its allies need to deal with this issue and those countries that help Russia.

In particular, he is confused by the fact that the Iranian Shahed drones have components not only from Russia and Iran. He suggests that the occupiers prepared in advance and purchased the necessary elements before the introduction of sanctions.

Background: Li Hui, China's special envoy for Eurasia, expressed the opinion that neither Ukraine nor Russia closed the door to negotiations "shut", and at the same time added that the risks of escalation of the conflict remain high.

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