Ukrainian servicemen's photos and videos reveal destruction in Bakhmut

The Command of the Special Operations Forces has released a video from Bakhmut, while the 93rd Separate Mechanised Kholodny Yar Brigade has posted photos of the destroyed city.

Source: Special Operations Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine; 93rd Separate Mechanised Kholodny Yar Brigade

Quote from the Special Operations Forces: "Bakhmut today. Soldiers from Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces go on a combat mission through the broken but unconquered city.

This is what our path to Victory looks like: difficult and risky. The only choice for all who have stood up in defence of Ukraine, all of those for whom the war has become [their] work and [their] calling at the same time."

Quote from the 93rd Brigade: "Our ‘eyes’ in Bakhmut, a drone operator with the call sign  Yenot [Raccoon – ed.], doesn’t just scout the enemy’s location and adjust our artillery attacks. He also records how the city is dying from the actions of the Russian occupation forces. "



All Photos by the 93rd Kholodny Yar Brigade



  • President Volodymyr Zelenskyy clarified in Japan that as of Sunday 21 May, Russian forces have not totally captured the city of Bakhmut.

  • Strikes by Russian troops have completely destroyed the city of Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast, but Ukraine’s Defence Forces continue to hold positions in the southwestern part of the city, said Serhii Cherevatyi, the spokesman for the Eastern Group of Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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