Ukrainian soldiers shoot down Russian Ka-52 helicopter near Izium

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Alyona Mazurenko - Monday, 13 June 2022, 21:30

Ukrainian defenders have shot down a Ka-52 helicopter belonging to the aggressor in Kharkiv Oblast. The helicopter crashed in the temporarily occupied territory.

Source: 93rd Independent Kholodnyi Yar Mechanised Brigade on Facebook

Quote: "The anti-aircraft missile division Kholodnyi Yar eliminated a Russian invaders’ Ka-52 combat helicopter on the Izium front, Kharkiv region, this afternoon (June 13 - ed.)."

Details: The Russian helicopter crashed in the temporarily occupied territory near the settlements of Sulyhivka and Dovhenke.

The informed sources confirmed the information on the downed aggressors’ helicopter.

Ukrainian defenders reported they had eliminated 178 Russian helicopters and 213 aircrafts as of the morning of June 13.


In early March, Russian troops encircled Izium and carried out a series of devastating air and artillery strikes targeting the city.

Local authorities made a statement about a humanitarian catastrophe in the city, reporting that it had been impossible to organise an evacuation and to bring humanitarian aid.

Over 80% of theresidential buildings in the city of Izium have been destroyed.