Ukrainian special forces training in UK prepare to liberate Crimea this year

The Sunday Express, a British tabloid, reported that the UK forces are training an elite Ukrainian Special Operations Forces unit in preparation to liberate Russian-occupied Crimea, which might happen by December 2023.

Source: Sunday Express

Details: The Sunday Express is a British tabloid that sympathises with the current Conservative government and has a circulation of about 150,000 copies.

The Sunday Express reported that over 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers had arrived at a remote location in Dartmoor, England, to take part in special training.

Sources told the Sunday Express that those soldiers will spearhead the operation to liberate Crimea while two other forces – unnamed in the report – will undertake attacks at the same time.

The operation is to include airstrikes and attacks from both land and sea, with Ukrainian forces deploying equipment to undermine and paralyse the Russian troops. Meanwhile, armoured vehicles and tanks will carry out assaults in other locations.

These operations will be supported by new stockpiles of long-range weapons supplied by the UK, the US and Germany.

The training is being carried out at Battle Camp in Okehampton, Devon, now closed to all other military units and the public.

A senior UK military source said on 29 July that emphasis was being placed on using agile NATO tactics to help Ukrainian troops "shape the battle space" before striking "at the heart of the enemy", as the Sunday Express put it.

"The operation to retake it will be one deploying multiple assaults on Russian forces. [...] We can train them in our tactics and show how to use equipment, but success will come from the Ukrainians’ own ability to quickly adapt and overcome challenges," the Sunday Express said.

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