Ukrainian Special Operations Forces thwart Russian breakthrough attempt on Bakhmut front


Soldiers from the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces have thwarted a breakthrough attempt undertaken by the Russian occupying forces on the Bakhmut front.

Source: Special Operations Forces on Telegram and in a comment for Ukrainska Pravda

Quote: "By the time the Russian occupiers formed a reconnaissance and assault group, the fighters from the Special Operations Forces had already set out to intercept the enemy.

Their main goal was to prevent the Russians from deploying tactical formations and further manoeuvring to strike the positions of [Ukrainian] Defence Forces.

The Special Forces Operations fighters struck the enemy right when they were gathering forces in the area of accumulation."

Details: The Special Operations Forces report that after the Russian assault was foiled, the Russian forces have not made further attempts to carry out the planned manoeuvres.

Instead, the Ukrainian soldiers looked on as the occupiers collected their wounded and the bodies of their dead.

The Ukrainian forces attacked the Russians using RPG-7V grenade launchers. The Special Operations Forces did not report where exactly their soldiers had foiled the Russian assault, but those who spoke with Ukrainska Pravda said that the events took place on the Bakhmut front.

They did not disclose when the confrontation occurred.

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