Ukrainian tactical aircraft hit Russian air defences and concentrations of troops Operational Command Pivden (South)


In Kherson, Ukrainian tactical aircraft have hit Russian air defence systems, as well as concentrations of Russian manpower and equipment in Novopetrivka and Olhyne.

Source: Operational Command Pivden (South) on Facebook

Quote: "At noon, an enemy sabotage and reconnaissance group of about 10 people tried to conduct assault operations on the Dobropillia – Dobrianka axis. It was unsuccessful, and withdrew.

In other actions, the tactics of remote attacks and air strikes prevail.

For example, one missile and four air strikes have been carried out in one day alone."

Details: In Mykolaiv, Russian forces fired 2 rockets using a Smerch multiple-launch rocket system. There were strikes on open surfaces outside the city. There are no casualties or damage.

Russian assault aircraft and helicopters worked along the line of contact. There were no losses on the Ukrainian side.

Ukrainian tactical aircraft hit enemy air defence systems in Kherson, a strong point in Novopetrivka and a concentration of Russian manpower and equipment there and in Olhyne.

Missile and artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have completed more than 250 fire missions.

Confirmed Russian losses amount to 24 military personnel, two Smerch MLRS, three Giatsint self-propelled guns, a Pion self-propelled artillery gun, a Nona self-propelled artillery and mortar launcher, and five armoured and other vehicles.

Ammunition depots were destroyed near Inzhenerne and Chornobaivka.

Final Russian losses are being confirmed.

The destruction of the Antonivka and Darivskyi Bridges prevents them from being used for the movement of heavy equipment.

The Russian fleet’s naval grouping [in the Black Sea - ed.] once more has four missile launching vessels on standby – two surface vessels and two submarines – armed with 24 Kalibr missiles.

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