Ukrainian troops withdraw from Sievierodonetsk war reporter from the frontline

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On the night of 23-24 June Ukrainian troops withdrew from the industrial district of Sievierodonetsk, thus having completed their withdrawal from the city.

Source: Yurii Butusov, a journalist, on Facebook

Quote from Butusov: "We have withdrawn from Sievierodonetsk. Last night [i.e., the night of 23-24 June - ed.] Ukrainian units withdrew from the Sievierodonetsk industrial district in an organised manner. The withdrawing troops came under fire on the section of the front where I was, but there were no losses. The withdrawal is bitter, but this decision is long overdue."

Details: According to Butusov, Ukrainian troops fought for Sievierodonetsk with dignity and have accomplished more than seemed possible in the extremely difficult circumstances they were in.

He underscored that "without the bridges and the pontoons, each day of resistance was purely heroic." He promised to share details later.

"We have withdrawn. But we will definitely come back. Eternal glory to the heroes who fought for Sievierodonetsk until the very end," Butusov concluded.


  • On 23 June, Serhii Haidai, head of the Luhansk Oblast Military Administration, said that Ukrainian defence forces in Sievierodonetsk might retreat to new and better-fortified positions.

  • On 24 June, Haidai reported that Ukrainian Defence Forces had halted the advance of Russian troops near Borivske in Luhansk Oblast and repelled an attack on Lysychansk, but Russian occupying forces were able to capture Mykolaivka. Fighting for the city of Sievierodonetsk continues.

  • Later on 24 June, Haidai reported that Ukrainian troops defending Sievierodonetsk had been ordered to retreat to better-fortified positions.