Ukrainian warplanes hit enemy behind lines, ammunition depots and command posts on fire

Ukrainian aviation strikes the positions of the occupiers

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“Enemy rear lines, ammunition depots, military bases and command posts of the invaders are burning,” reads the report. “This is an excellent result of the work of Ukrainian artillery, air forces, and soldiers. As well as special operations forces and the resistance movement.”

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Over day on July 10, Su-25 attack aircraft and Su-24m bombers, covered by MiG-29 and Su-27 jetfighters, destroyed an enemy command and observation post, a field ammunition depot, a command and control post, ten armored combat vehicles and soldiers from the Russian invading forces.

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In addition, the command noted that the air force has already begun to use on the front lines the Mi-24V attack helicopters that were supplied to Ukraine by the Czech Republic.

The Air Forces Command said that since Ukraine had received Western air and missile defense systems, fewer Russian missiles have succeeded in hitting their targets.

Ukraine made repeated requests for such systems at the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of the country at the end of February, but they were delivered and put into use only recently.