Ukrainians fear for soldiers as winter sets in

STORY: A severe snowstorm caused havoc in Ukraine on Monday.

This video from Ukrainian authorities shows what it was like out on the roads.

Hundreds of cars and trucks were struck in snow drifts, some over six feet high, the government said in a social media post.

Hundreds of settlements were without power and more than a dozen roads were closed.

According to the emergency services, more than 1,200 rescue workers are managing the clean-up effort.

The south and central parts of the country were the worst hit, according to Ukraine’s interior minister.

But as residents dig out, tens of thousands of troops remain in front-line positions in the war with Russia.

Polled by Reuters, Kyiv residents said the harsh winter did not bother them much.

“It’s just regular weather. What’s more important is keeping the boys warm in the trenches. We will survive it here.”

“I start crying when I think about soldiers. It is hard to imagine what it feels like there. These are very heavy thoughts.”

The storm is also renewing fears that Moscow could target Ukraine's power grid this winter... Kyiv says Russia has attacked infrastructure 60 times in the past few weeks.

On Sunday, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy thanked Ukraine's military for fighting Russian attacks...

and its rescue services for tackling extreme weather.

In Russian-held Crimea, officials said nearly half a million people were without power.

Russian-installed authorities declared a state of emergency Monday and reported that one person died, ten were injured, and hundreds evacuated.