Ukrainians prepare to fight or flee as Russian invasion continues

As Ukraine endures the second day of attacks from Russian forces, on-the-ground footage reveals a population in shock, forced to decide to stay and fight or leave their homes for safety. Videos independently verified by Yahoo News show long lines at military recruitment centers and weapons being distributed to civilians, as well as continued destruction throughout the country.

Video Transcript

- So we see this is the headquarters of one of the military recruitment centers in Lviv, in western part of Ukraine. And there are lots of Ukrainians here who are willing to get mobilized to go and fight Russian aggression. You see how many men are here. So like, there are hundreds of people. And the lines are very, very long.


OLGA RUDENKO: I think nobody expected, a lot of people didn't expect Kiev to be struck at all, ever. And certainly, nobody expected it to be struck immediately, this night. So the city is in the state of shock, and people are just taking very difficult decisions for their safety and safety of their close ones.