Ukrainians react to theft of Kherson Zoo raccoon by retreating Russians

Не всі окупанти змогли змародерити пральні машинки
Не всі окупанти змогли змародерити пральні машинки

Russian military correspondent Anna Dolgareva called the theft of the animal "the only good news."

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"I was very much asked for good news from Kherson, but, in fact, the only good news is that my friend managed to steal a raccoon from Kherson Zoo," she said.

The news quickly went viral on social media in Ukraine and caused a wave of jokes and memes.

Ukrainians noted how quickly the goals of the Russian army in Ukraine have changed. In almost the nine months of the war, the main success of the Russians was the theft of an animal from the zoo.

The raccoon kidnapping is called the "sacred purpose of the special military operation."

The netizens also suggested that not all the occupiers had looted washing machines in Ukraine, so they decided to steal a raccoon.

The animal is offered to be exchanged for captured mobilized Russian soldiers.

Some Ukrainians believe that the animal will lead the "government of Kherson Oblast in exile." Others are convinced that the Ukrainian raccoon is masterminding an uprising and liberation of Crimea.

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