UK's Defence Intelligence reveals why Russian forces attack liberated Kherson

Russian command has ordered the attacks on the liberated city of Kherson, most likely to undermine civilian morale and deter any Ukrainian counter-attacks across the Dnipro River.

Source: Latest UK Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine on 1 February, as European Pravda reports

Quote: "In recent days, some of the most intense shelling in the conflict has likely taken place along the Dnipro River in southern Ukraine. This has included continued Russian shelling of Kherson city with artillery firing from the east of the river," the review states.

Details: On 29 January, local authorities reported the deaths of three more civilians in the city of Kherson, and two foreign vessels moored on the river were damaged, leading to an oil spill.

Quote: "Kherson remains the most consistently shelled large Ukrainian city outside of the Donbas. Russia’s precise rationale for expanding its strained ammunition stocks here is unclear. However, commanders are likely partially aiming to degrade civilian morale and to deter any Ukrainian counter-attacks across the Dnipro River," British intelligence believes.

Background: In December, Italian correspondents came under fire near Kherson.

In late January, a fire broke out on a Turkish-flagged ship during an attack by Russian troops on the evening of 24 January on Kherson.

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