Ultimate Elegance and a Most Promising Investment Achieved Only with Fancy Colored Diamonds

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / December 16, 2020 / Not many women can say no to the eternal luster of an elegant diamond, whether as an investment or for personal use. The overall value of a natural Fancy Colored Diamond (FCD), however, is far exceeding market expectations as many investors transition from flat paper investments to inflation hedged assets to protect their wealth from currency depreciation and economic downturn. Meir Coffer, founder, and CEO of Worldwide Diamond Group Inc. believes that there is a shift happening involving investments on precious stones, and in particular, natural colored diamonds.

Natural FCDs are not only elegant; they are also valuable and promising investments. Business analysts, investment bankers, and several financial institutions involved in the study of colored diamonds as an investment class all agree that FCDs are generating astonishing returns over the last 20 years. Interestingly, FCDs have significantly and consistently outperformed other valuable commodities and key capital markets.

"The future of natural Fancy Colored Diamonds shimmers with possibility for the astute investor. These are the most sought after jewels, and there is nothing rarer nor of greater value increasingly. Demand is outstripping supply and the inevitable result is that their value continues to reach new heights," Coffer shares.

FCDs are distinct investments compared to common financial markets around the world, such as bonds, stocks, oil, properties, and precious metals. Even with the present situation of the global economy, the value of FCDs still continues to follow an upward trend. This only means that now may be the best time to invest in these promising and highly profitable items.

"The economic landscape is changing. Investors are becoming increasingly disenfranchised with the traditional markets. They are not just something beautiful to admire when times are good. They shield your money when the going gets tough," adds Coffer.

Coffer remains at the forefront of the natural FCD trade as he leads Worldwide Diamond Group Inc. into the future. His Toronto-based company is best-known for its dealership of quality and rare-colored diamonds that can be traded either in loose form or handcrafted jewelry. The company's unmatched connection with the world's best mines, cutters, and polishers enables them to support an inventory made up of a vast selection of diamonds in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Clients can readily choose from simple to extravagant designs.

Worldwide Diamond Group Inc. works with clients who have high net worth and average and hardworking individuals who want to invest in the highest-performing and fastest-growing asset in the world today. "We don't look at the size of the order but rather how we can best serve our customers," Coffer says. Investors are coming in by leaps and bounds as the world-renowned argyle mine in Perth, Western Australia, has officially shut their doors as there is simply nothing coming out of the ground, in conjunction with other premier mines slated for closure in the next couple of years. The inevitable result is that supply of FCDs will decrease while the demand for them will continue to rise.

Coffer's company is successful mainly due to its ability to maximize value by doing away with the multi-layered distribution network in buying the finest GIA-certified diamonds available in the market at below mine-direct and factory-direct prices possible. Coffer and his vast network of experienced buyers can locate diamonds directly from private estates, primary manufacturers, and site holders. They have memberships in several exclusive industry organizations, including but not limited to Rapnet, Diamonds.net, the largest online diamond trading network, The Fancy Color Research Foundation, IDEX, World Federation of Diamond Bourses, and the Diamond Dealers Club of New York (NYDDC).

Meir Coffer sees himself leading his company in global expansion in the upcoming few years. Confident that FCDs will continue to increase in value in the coming years, he is determined to scour the world for the rarest stones it has to offer.

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