Um, did Kate Middleton just accidentally step out wearing her dress backwards?

Natasha Harding

From Cosmopolitan

  • Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge (AKA, Kate Middleton) attended the Addiction Awareness Week Gala Dinner in London this week wearing an off-the-shoulder dress by Barbara Casasola
  • On closer inspection, it looks like the Duchess might've had a fashion faux by accidentally wearing the dress backwards

When Kate Middleton stepped out in London earlier this week wearing an off-the-shoulder white dress, we'd be lying if we said we didn't freeze in awe/amazement. The Duchess looked absolutely phenomenal with an outfit designed to stun. And that it did.

While the dress is undeniably beautiful, one important detail about the dress has us doing a double take:

Photo credit: Getty Images

Ugh, I still love everything about this outfit. I mean, how elegant is it? But I digress.

When you look a little closer, it seems like the Duchess might actually be wearing the dress backwards.

Photo credit: Giphy

When you zoom in on top of the dress' neckline, you can see that there's a zipper running right up the centre of the style, finishing just below Kate's chin.

Check it out here:

Photo credit: WPA Pool - Getty Images

Yup, this looks pretty unusual given, well, zips are normally at the back.

But before you get your knickers in a twist on Kate's behalf, the Duchess didn't actually wear the dress backwards. If you jump on over to websites listing the dress, it seems that this is how it's meant to be worn:

Photo credit: Moda Operandi


Huh, the more you know.

If the dress was backwards, this would mark the second time this year that the Kate has found herself in a back-to-front wardrobe faux pas.

To refresh your memory, back in March, the royal famously wore a £1,300 Gucci blouse the wrong way round while visiting the Henry Fawcett Children’s Centre in London.:

Photo credit: Getty Images

Backwards or not, Kate still manages to slay whatever she's wearing.

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