Um, An NFL Reporter Found Out Her Boyfriend Was Cheating Because Of His Fitbit

Emily Shiffer
Photo credit: Instagram / Jane Slater
Photo credit: Instagram / Jane Slater

From Women's Health

  • NFL Network reporter Jane Slater tweeted that she learned an ex-boyfriend was cheating on her, thanks to his Fitbit.

  • She shared her story on Twitter in response to the tweet about the Peloton holiday ad that recently went viral.

  • Slater explained that her ex's "physical activity levels" spiked when he was "unaccounted for" at 4 am.

Last week, the world was rocked by a holiday ad from Peloton in which a husband gifts his wife the fitness bike. Some people found the commercial sexist or just plain cringe-worthy, and it sparked a huge debate online. When it comes to giving fitness-related gifts during the holiday season, people are torn...and telling their stories of how things went down after receiving/gifting on social media. Well, NFL Network reporter Jane Slater took to Twitter to tell her story of how she caught her ex cheating on her, thanks to his Fitbit.

She was responding to a tweet that said, "Got my wife a Peleton [sic] three years ago. She was not offended."

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To which Slater, 38, tweeted: “An Ex Boyfriend once got me a Fitbit for Christmas. I loved it,” she wrote. "We synched up, motivated each other... didn’t hate it until he was unaccounted for at 4am and his physical activity levels were spiking on the app."

She ended her tweet with, "wish the story wasn’t real."

Slater then followed up her original tweet with another one. "Spoiler alert: he was not enrolled in an OrangeTheory class at 4am," she wrote.

Slater also sent a follow-up tweet that she was super upset at first...but a friend encouraged her to look on the funny side. "My girlfriend once said 'one day we will laugh about this' as I sobbed uncontrollably in the car. I have now many times bahahahah."

Slater's tweets spurred some of her other followers to share their stories, too.

One woman tweeted, "Jane! My ex husband got caught in an affair because he was wearing the training watch and heartbeat monitor my mom bought him for Christmas - while 'running.' It was the under-one-minute heart rate spike that confirmed things for me! #prematuresayswhat."

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