The Umbrella Academy fans think series just revealed a major change for season three

Fans of The Umbrella Academy think that Netflix has just hinted at a major change of direction for the series going forward.

The change in question concerns the show’s age rating. The popular Netflix sci-fi show, which stars Elliot Page, Robert Sheehan and Tom Hopper, had been classified as a TV-14 rating in the US for its first two seasons.

A TV-14 rating usually equates to a 12 rating by the UK guidance board, the BBFC.

However, ahead of the third season’s release, this has now been changed to TV-MA rating (not suitable for viewers under 17) – suggesting that the graphic violence, bad language and sexual content in the new episodes have been turned up a gear.

Fans shared their reactions to the news on Twitter.

“About time!” wrote one viewer. “This deserves a TV-MA story like Doom Patrol.”

“They bringing the violence for season 3??????” speculated another.

“Ok hello im literally so excited,” wrote someone else, while another fan exclaimed: “OKAYYYY IM EVEN MORE EXCITED NOW.”

One fan simply put: “THANK. GOD.”

The Umbrella Academy season three arrives on Netflix on Wednesday 22 June. The previous two seasons can be watched on the streaming service now.