Unattended air fryer leads to house fire in Beaver County

Firefighters in Beaver County had to put out flames inside a home after an air fryer caught on fire and began to spread.

Chippewa Volunteer Fire Department was called to the Highland Meadows neighborhood for reports of a house fire at around 8:30 p.m. Friday night.

The owner of the house had returned and noticed the house was full of smoke. They rescued a family pet and then called 911.

Emergency crews said the fire started with an air fryer that was plugged in but not in use. Firefighters say there are no active recalls from air fryer manufacturers at this time but they have seen many reports related to fires started by unattended air fryers.

A firefighter made entry to the kitchen after putting out a fire in a small room on the home’s basement level.

Firefighters said the fire remained mostly contained to the kitchen. They believe the fire’s spread was limited because the door was closed and it limited the amount of oxygen able to keep the flames alive.

The Chippewa Volunteer Fire Department reminds everyone to close their bedroom doors when they go to bed and to make sure they unplug air fryers that are not in use.

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