UnCapped: Zane Lamprey

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May 19—In this episode of UnCapped, host Chris Sands is in conversation with Zane Lamprey to talk about his upcoming brewery comedy tour, past TV shows and his company Adv3nture.

I think it would almost be easier to say what you don't do rather than what you do do.

My laundry.

What do we want to list? Entrepreneur, comedian, TV host, podcaster.

It just depends on the time of year and the particular year. Right now, my days are split between Adv3nture, which is my apparel brand, and my standup comedy tour, which starts in just over a month, so I should probably start writing some jokes.

I think you might be a little late on that. From what I understand, standup comedians put a little more than a couple months into their acts. I'm not a professional though.

I've been writing mine for about two years. I was supposed to do it last year. I work on it every day, so it's tight. Next week, I start performing in front of very small groups, which, by the way, is way worse than big groups. These shows are gonna be so much fun, not only because people were ready — because they were ready last year — but this year, they're just like, "Give us a reason to go out and have beer and laugh." My act is now tighter than it would've been. I'm more of a storytelling standup, rather than quick, little jokes, but my job is to entertain people and make sure people have a good time. And that is what will happen, especially good beer like this one.

What is this one?

I am drinking a Full Tilt Snow Cat Dry Hopped Pilsner. This is a collaboration between the gentleman sitting next to you, Dan Baumiller [from Full Tilt Brewing] — my team and his team and BARCS, a local animal rescue in Baltimore. On this tour, we're trying to make as much noise as possible, have as much fun as possible, and let's leave some goodwill in our wake. That's both selling a lot of beer and bringing attention to the breweries and the local community, but also let's see if we can get pets adopted while we're there. Every stop along the tour, we're working with the brewery and a local animal rescue to raise awareness, raise some money, and help out some cats and dogs and guinea pigs and bunnies and lizards and whatever else they take it.

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