Uncaring Russian elites are fueling Russian military de-motivation, suggests Ukraine’s International Legion

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M777 hotwizer
M777 hotwizer

“On the battlefield, the Russian army has other problems besides demotivation,” Magru noted.

“When it comes to logistics, internal communication, organization, the interaction between units (the official Russian army and the so-called people's militia of the "DPR" and "LPR") - it’s all a huge mess. So they don't get much done. Considering all of that, I would say that the development of events in the coming weeks will be in our favor.”

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Magru commented that he is not surprised that Russia does not value the life of its military:

“The history of Russia teaches us that the Russian elite does not care about their own people,” he said.

“That's nothing new. The fact that the top military and political leadership in the Russian Federation isn’t bothered with their losses of personnel shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.”

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Magru believes that there is a proportional correlation between the situation on the battlefield and the Russian attitude towards soldiers. As a result, he believes that the more a country values ​​the army, the greater the likelihood of victory:

“The complete absence of these factors and the rather shocking indifference to the fate of their military personnel, I think, is the reason for the low morale and fighting spirit of Russian soldiers.”