UND football GameCenter: Live scoring for No. 2 Fighting Hawks vs. No. 4 North Dakota State

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Mar. 20—Video and descriptions of each scoring play will be posted below.

First quarter

NDSU 7, UND 0, 14:10 left: Bison waste no time getting the scoring started. After a 20-yard gain on third-and-10 from starter Zeb Noland to Christian Watson, NDSU busts a huge gain from fullback Hunter Luepke, who barrels 55 yards into the end zone. The play was originally ruled down at the 1 but was overturned.

Nobody loves fullbacks like North Dakota State loves fullbacks.

Hunter Luepke ... TO THE HOUSE! pic.twitter.com/4LAu86v0hq

— NDSU Football (@NDSUfootball) March 20, 2021

NDSU 7, UND 6, 4:47 left: After Hayden Galvin intercepts Zeb Noland, UND's Otis Weah rushes 74 yards on the very next play for a touchdown. UND's Adam Stage misses the extra point.

Otis always finding a Weah #UNDproud — @UNDfootball — @MidcoSN pic.twitter.com/OrYxjJlT4f

— UND Insider (@UNDinsider) March 20, 2021

Second quarter

NDSU 14, UND 6, 11:11 left: Bison methodically march down the field on a drive of 8 minutes, 31 seconds, led by fullback Hunter Luepke, who punches in an 8-yard score to finish it off.

Hunter Luepke Bison Nation

Did we just become best friends?!? pic.twitter.com/soJ7nUhswY

— NDSU Football (@NDSUfootball) March 20, 2021

NDSU 21, UND 6, 1:06 left: NDSU quarterback Zeb Noland throws up a long bomb to Christian Watson, who gets away with a little pushoff to haul in a 63-yard score.

Christian Watson.

Too big. Too strong. Too fast. Too good. pic.twitter.com/wWg659czQj

— NDSU Football (@NDSUfootball) March 20, 2021

Third quarter

NDSU 21, UND 13, 12:01 left: Tommy Schuster heats up on UND's first drive of the second half. With the help of a Bison offsides, Schuster hits Garett Maag for a 20-yard pickup. Schuster follows with a 21-yard strike to rookie wide receiver Bo Belquist.

Opening the second half strong #UNDproud — @UNDfootball — @MidcoSN pic.twitter.com/5q1V2VStwf

— UND Insider (@UNDinsider) March 20, 2021

NDSU 28, UND 13, 4:38 left: Bison with another methodical scoring drive, powered by Luepke. He scores from 5 yards out to cap a 14-play, 75-yard, seven-plus-minute drive.

The Most Hunter Luepke Touchdown Yet.

He's still not down. pic.twitter.com/bQaULYvbfH

— NDSU Football (@NDSUfootball) March 20, 2021

Fourth quarter

NDSU 31, UND 13, 14:05 left: Griffin Crosa 41-yard field goal sneaks through the uprights.

NDSU 34, UND 13, 7:57 left: After a Tommy Schuster interception, Crosa connects on a 35-yard field goal.

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