Undercover Plantation Police Officer Wounded In Dania Beach Shooting

An undercover Plantation police officer was wounded Friday afternoon in Dania Beach, along with a suspect during a DEA operatrion.

Video Transcript

ELIOTT RODRIGUEZ: First at 5:00, we have breaking news. Officer shot. A plantation police officer is rushed to the hospital after gunfire rings out during an operation in Dania Beach, the shooting happening outside a Bass Pro Shop this afternoon.

KARLI BARNETT: One of the suspects was shot, another is now in custody, and the officer involved is expected to survive. CBS 4's Joan Murray joins us live at the scene in Dania Beach with more on this investigation. Joan.

JOAN MURRAY: Karli, Eliott, well, we have all seen it up and down 95. If you have ever traveled the highway, you know the presence of this big Bass Pro Shop. You can see it from the highway. And this afternoon, it became a crime scene. Witnesses say they heard at least a half dozen shots ring out. Now let's go to the view from Chopper 4 overhead. You can see that this investigation is just beginning. It happened about four hours ago. But it's going to take a while to process the scene, because not only was a police officer shot, but a suspect was wounded.

- Like I said, it's a crazy time we are living in. We just got all be safe.

JOAN MURRAY: Bullets flying in the parking lot of the Bass Pro Shop mega hunting, fishing, and outdoor store Gulf Stream Way near Griffin Road and I-95 on a busy Friday afternoon.

- Someone tried to get out and come back in. And they said they couldn't get back in because of a lockdown.

JOAN MURRAY: According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, gunfire was exchanged during a joint operation of the DEA Miami division and the BSO drug task force.

ANNE-JUDITH LAMBERT: And there was an arrest operation taking place. When the officers went to arrest the suspect, he fired at the deputy. And then the deputy returned fire. And that's how they both ended up getting shot.

JOAN MURRAY: Both the suspect and undercover Plantation Police officer who is part of the task force, were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive. Another suspect was taken into custody. And the DEA said a suspect's gun was recovered.

MARK BEHRENS: Some people said that they heard five or six shots that went off.

JOAN MURRAY: Mark Behrens was working at Tigertail Lake, West of the Bass Pro Shop when the shooting began.

MARK BEHRENS: We can see the cop cars and the ambulance over there. It was one BSO chopper who kept circling the area.

JOAN MURRAY: Only a day ago there was heavy police presence next door at the Tri-Rail station after a suspect ditched a car in that parking lot.

MARK BEHRENS: For two days in a row, it's a little crazy.

JOAN MURRAY: Crazy indeed as this area gets flooded with police because of an incident. Now here is the scene again from Chopper 4. The DEA is not releasing the identity yet of that Plantation police officer who was shot. And of course, no names of the suspects at this time. But once again, they say that the DEA, or rather the Plantation police officer who was part of this operation, only has a minor injury. He is still being treated at the hospital, and that the man who was shot, they're not giving details. But they do say that he will survive. Reporting live in Dania Beach, Joan Murray, CBS 4 News.