‘They Understood the Assignment’: Viral Videos Prove That First Graders Are The Real Winners of Beyoncé’s ‘Everybody On Mute’ Challenge

Beyoncé has started a movement with her ongoing “Everybody on Mute” challenge. The moment of silence has been a major crowd pleaser as audiences attempt to outdo each other with every stop of the “Renaissance World Tour.”

The multi-city trek kicked off in Europe in May, and since has made its way to several cities across the U.S. As the show continues on, fans increasingly have grown serious about the seconds of silence during Beyoncé’s performance of “Energy.” Some cities have pulled off near-perfect mutes, and others, well, have had a few non-compliant people in the crowd.

Beyoncé's mute challenge has reached the classroom, as first graders prove they're the best at being silent.
Beyoncé’s mute challenge has reached the classroom, as first graders prove they’re the best at being silent. (Photo: Beyonce/Instagram)

“Beyoncé treating the mute challenge like teachers do when they start counting,” wrote one person on Twitter. “Beyoncé really gave elementary teachers across the country a bar. “Look around everybody on mute” is cute af to use on kids” said another person. It seems now the challenge is truly no longer bound to stadiums.

Teachers have in fact found a way to incorporate the prompt into their daily calls-to-action with students. Videos of educators testing out elementary-aged kids’ knowledge of the word mute have become the new viral content that social media needs.


One clip with more than 10,800 views features a first-grade teacher instructing her class of young scholars to follow her lead whenever she says, “Look around everybody on mute.”

The result was a completely silent classroom, proving that playing Simon Says has some useful perks. “First one I seen. Y’all letting the babies eat y’all up in the mute challenge,” tweeted one person, humorously calling out the adult crowds who struggle to keep quiet.

A second video of another group of elementary students proved that the young learners made valiant attempts to hush, but, in the end, a case of the giggles got the best of two students.

“Awww super cute! I can already tell she is making a difference in those kids lives,” wrote one person. Another commented, “Teacher of the year, she needs a salary raise too.”

A third clip showed incoming freshmen at Howard University nailing the challenge too. “Better than 99% of the shows so far. They understood the assignment, yup,” read one person’s reaction to the feat.

Parents are equally enthusiastic about the fun challenge being utilized in the classroom.

“Demi told me this morning that her teacher tell them “look around everybody on mute” and we gotta say “look around it’s me and my crew” I said oh y’all be doing the Beyoncé mute challenge,” wrote one parent.

Other major surprises from the tour have included Beyoncé’s plethora of costumes and her special guest, daughter Blue Ivy, who has performed in several cities alongside her mother.