Uneasy night in Kherson Oblast: explosions and arrests

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Yurii Sobolevskyi, First Deputy Head of the Kherson Oblast Council, has said that explosions rocked Kherson Oblast on the night of 11-12 August. In addition, Russian occupation authorities carried out several arrests.

Source: Sobolevskyi on Telegram

Quote: "…sources indicate that the orcs conducted another series of searches and arrests overnight in [the city of] Kherson. Just like during the 1930s in the USSR.

What people fear more than the sounds of explosions – which indicate that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are doing their job – is the sound of a Russian Ural [a Russian off-road vehicle - ed.] approaching and the sound of coarse and foul Russian spoken in their courtyards. This makes residents wonder who’s going to be taken this time."

Details: Sobolevskyi reported that the night of 11-12 August was uneasy in Kherson Oblast.

An air raid alarm was sounded. Reports suggest that explosions rocked the area of Nova Kakhovka.

Sobolevskyi also shared the information available on arrests in Kherson Oblast.

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