Unemployed Nurse Cannot Access Benefits From Company She Hasn't Worked For In Five Months

CBS 2's Tara Molina reports a local nurse, unemployed for five months, says the company she worked for won't allow her to access benefits because it says she's there full time. She's not.

Video Transcript

- A nurse pushed out of her job in the middle of the pandemic months ago says now her company is blocking her from getting benefits. They claim she's still a full time employee. CBS 2's Tara Molina is investigating the issue and how the facility is handling it tonight.

TARA MOLINA: Georgijaña Balugo says Alden stopped putting her on the schedule more than five months ago, but now she says she can't access benefits she needs because they claim she's a current employee. Why? We're asking.

Georgijaña Balugo loves being a nurse and said she loved her job here at Aldan.

GEORGIJAÑA BALUGO: I got snapped up very quickly.

TARA MOLINA: But she has a new job now, a job she was forced to find when she says they stopped scheduling her more than five months ago. But if you ask management at Alden Georgijaña says she's still considered a full time employee.

GEORGIJAÑA BALUGO: Because of the standards I'm ineligible for much needed funds. This is not fair and this is not right.

TARA MOLINA: She's not looking for unemployment or SNAP benefits something she says others in her position have failed to qualify for.

GEORGIJAÑA BALUGO: I just want my retirement.

TARA MOLINA: Early access to the 401k she established here.

GEORGIJAÑA BALUGO: I'm under the cap to get it but they said I can receive it if I separate from my company.

TARA MOLINA: They is Transamerica. She says she's tried working directly with them and with Alden, but says she's been told the only way she can get the separation date she needs to access that money is to formally resign after more than five months without a shift. We brought all of this to Alden with detailed questions about Georgijaña's claims. Alden's VP of Policy and Public Relations responded with this, we are aware of the situation concerning misspells ago but are unable to discuss confidential personnel matters. Her response?

GEORGIJAÑA BALUGO: No, I'm not going to be forced to resign.

TARA MOLINA: Tonight Georgijaña maintains she should not have to resign from a company that hasn't allowed her to work for months, but she says she hasn't heard anything new from Alden. For CBS 2, I'm Tara Molina.