Unemployment rates change little in Hunt, Rockwall counties in October

Nov. 24—Close to 900 jobs were created across the region between September and October, but the unemployment rates in Hunt and Rockwall counties remained virtually unchanged.

The number of new jobs failed to keep pace with the increases in each county's workforce, according to a report issued Nov. 18 by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).

Rockwall County was reported to have a 3.2% unemployment rate in October, compared with 3.1% in September but below the 3.7% rate recorded in October 2021.

Total employment in Rockwall County stood at 58,085 people last month, 477 more than in September and 2,803 more than in October one year earlier.

There were 1,897 people listed as unemployed in Rockwall County during October, 27 more than one month earlier but 219 fewer than in October 2021.

The county's civilian labor force rose to 59,982 in October, an increase of 504 people from September and 2,584 more than one year earlier.

Hunt County's unemployment rate was listed by the agency at 3.8% in October, unchanged from September, and below the 4.4% rate recorded in October 2021.

There were 45,552 people employed in the county last month, an increase of 319 positions since September and also an increase of 2,140 since October of last year.

A total of 1,787 people were seeking employment in October, 29 more than in September but 217 fewer than in October 2021.

The county's civilian labor force stood at 47,336 people last month, 338 more than in September and an increase of 1,923 people from October 2021.

Across the state, the TWC said Texas added 49,500 nonfarm jobs in October. Between November 2021 and October 2022, the state set new employment highs each month, marking 12 consecutive periods of record-setting job counts.

"We've reached record employment highs for 12 consecutive months here in Texas, creating more opportunities across the state," said TWC Chairman Bryan Daniel. "TWC is committed to connecting employers with the workforce needed to keep our state's economy growing and providing Texans with the training and resources they need to achieve a high-demand career."