UNESCO recognizes Haiti for its 'freedom' soup

LOCATION: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

UNESCO has recognized

Haiti's joumou soup

on its list of

Intangible Cultural Heritages

It's a pumpkin soup made with

vegetables, meat and pasta

It's also a symbol of freedom

The soup was once reserved

only for slave owners

But Haitians took back ownership

after gaining independence

from France

LOCATION: Paris, France

Haiti's ambassador was emotional

when the results came in


"I promise I had a well-prepared speech."

"This historic moment belongs to all the Haitian people, itself bearer and guardian of this heritage woven into its DNA, the ultimate symbol of the fight against slavery, against colonialism, against racism.

The soup serves as

a traditional Sunday breakfast

It's also prepared on Jan 1,

which is Haiti's Independence Day

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