This Unexpected $20 Luggage Trick Is ‘Better Than Packing Cubes’ and Fits a Month of Clothes Into 1 Suitcase

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Shoppers call it the “best travel hack ever.”

<p>Travel + Leisure / Pamela Jew</p>

Travel + Leisure / Pamela Jew

Perhaps one of the most common difficulties that comes with travel is finding the best way to optimize the precious space of your luggage. Even if you’re not known for overpacking, it’s no small task getting your essentials to fit neatly into your suitcase with room to shop once you arrive at your destination. Of course, packing cubes are one of the best ways to keep your items neat and well-folded, but that doesn’t necessarily remedy the issue of space. However, frequent travelers have found an ingenious solution.

Here to help you make the most of the limited space in your suitcase are the Amazon Choice Cozy Essentials Vacuum Storage Bags. And at just $20, this budget-friendly hack is guaranteed to free up plenty of room in even your carry-on bags.



To buy:, $20 (originally $30)

This 20-pack of vacuum-sealed storage bags is not only functional for storage at home as they’ve traditionally been used, but also for tightly packing your suitcase. The durable protection of these triple-sealed bags keeps your items neatly folded and in place, flattening to the height of one single shirt while fitting entire piles of clothing. In fact, the jumbo bag even has the storage capacity to flatten an entire duvet and pillow set.

Reducing your packing volume by 80 percent and increasing storage space by four times, these multi-purpose, waterproof bags are the easiest way to avoid compromising on what goes into your suitcase for even month-long trips. Simply use the included hand pump to suck the air out after sealing each bag — and with all the space you’ll save, there will be plenty of room to bring the hand pump along with you for the ride.

More than 17,400 shoppers who left five-star ratings swear by these bags to make their everyday storage easier, and frequent travelers depend on them for freeing up precious space. One shopper noted that they were “easy to travel with,” adding that they were able to “fit a month of clothes in my luggage only because I had these bags.” They also raved that they were “able to bring back tons of souvenirs that I packed inside of another vacuum sealed bag.”



To buy:, $20 (originally $30)

Another passionate customer went as far as to call them “better than packing cubes,” noting that “being able to layer items, place them where needed, and then pump the air out allows me to plan packing my suitcase more efficiently.” They also explained that they “love knowing if a toiletry item leaks, my clothes are safe.” In fact, they were even able to use these bags “to pack my king sized pillow into my carry-on.”

One shopper called these bags the “best travel hack ever,” sharing that they “make it easy to save space” in your suitcase. They also suggested bringing “an extra empty bag” to use for dirty clothes at the end of your vacation, and called them the “best thing I have ever purchased for traveling.”

Packing for vacation is hard enough, let alone trying to figure out how best to position your items to ensure you have enough room for both your essentials and potential shopping you may do during your vacation. But even with a carry-on suitcase these concerns are a thing of the past thanks to the Cozy Essentials Vacuum Storage Bags. This 20-pack of various sized vacuum-sealed bags are easy to use, durable, and now on sale for just $20 at Amazon, so you have one less thing to worry about leading up to your next big trip.

At the time of publishing, the price started at $20. 

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