United Airlines climbs on earnings

Yahoo Finance markets reporter Ines Ferré covers the airline as it announces its Q3 2021 results.

Video Transcript

- And Seana, United are saying that it's operating revenue came in at $7.75 billion, that came in above what the Street was expecting. Its loss per share came in smaller than what the Street had been expecting, coming in at a loss of $1 [? two. ?] And the Street had been expecting a loss of $1.61 per share. Its $2.2 billion in structural costs will-- cost cuts will help in 2022 and beyond. And the company saying that it's on track to meet its 2022 targets and it's poised to capitalize on international reopening, with United saying it's going to increase international capacity 10% in 2022. Adam, Seana.

SEANA SMITH: [INAUDIBLE] Thanks so much. You can see shares of United up just around 2%.

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