United Airlines Operated A Flight From Denver With An All Female Crew, This As They Launch A New Initiative For Gender Equality

A flight out of Denver today was run all by females, from the flight crew to those on the ground.

Video Transcript

KAREN LEIGH: Well, it was a first for United Airlines. All women from the pilots, flight attendants, gate, and ramp team, and technicians operated a round trip flight out of Denver.

JIM BENEMANN: This as the airline launches an initiative to improve gender equality in its workforce. Our Shawn Chitnis was there for today's takeoff.

SHAWN CHITNIS: In the cockpit, on the runway, and high above monitoring flights, women took charge to make sure this United flight got from Denver to Kalispell, Montana on Thursday.

M'LISS WARD: There is no better view, office view, in the world than up here on the flight deck.

TANIA BRUSSEAU: It's a puzzle piece. It's like how you can move the traffic around, how you can get them to the gate and out of the gate as quick as possible.

SHAWN CHITNIS: A show of force in a field that remains dominated by men. Only 6% of pilots and flight engineers are women.

COLUMBIA JENKINS: I feel as if I can represent women in a respectful manner to show the light that we are capable as well.

SHAWN CHITNIS: Women did everything for this flight, from the ramp tower to operations control and under the plane, even getting baggage inside.

HEATHER LOONES: We really want to encourage the younger female generation and younger people of color to entertain an aviation career.

SHAWN CHITNIS: United launched another chapter of its new effort to improve diversity and inclusion in the company, uImpact. 7% of its pilots are women, which the airline says is one of the highest rates in the country.

HEATHER LOONES: It's really fun. It's exciting. Every day is different. And it's very rewarding.

SHAWN CHITNIS: United hopes that this flight showcases all the careers in aviation available to women.

M'LISS WARD: There are jobs for women in aviation. All you have to do is inquire. We're ready to help you get to wherever you want to be.

SHAWN CHITNIS: Celebrating the journey these trailblazers have already taken and the path they're leading to a more gender equal future. Shawn Chitnis, covering Colorado first.