United Airlines Plane Scatters Debris All Over Colorado Neighborhood

CBS4's Karli Barnett shares the details of the terrifying incident.

Video Transcript

- Mayday, mayday.

KARLI BARNETT: United flight 328 turned back safely to Denver after suffering an engine failure and dropping debris on the ground below shortly after takeoff.

- Departure United 328 heavy-- mayday aircraft just experienced a sense of failure, need to turn immediately.

KARLI BARNETT: The pilot can be heard on air traffic recordings issuing a mayday and saying aircraft is heavy. This video on social media shows the engine on fire. The Boeing 777 on its way to Honolulu returned to Denver International Airport where it was met by emergency crews as a precaution. The incident sparked initial alarm as parts of the aircraft rained down on Broomfield, Colorado just over 20 miles from the airport.

- As soon as I got a clear look at it, I could tell it was the front end of an engine, a jet engine. And my first thought was that the whole plane was coming down. You know, you just don't think that piece-- that big of a honk of an engine is going to come off.

KARLI BARNETT: Parts landed in yards, on a ball field, and in the streets of a few neighborhoods, and apparently through the roof of a home.

RACHEL WELTE: The debris was so far and wide. If you find debris in your home, near your home, in your neighborhood, please don't touch it. Please don't move it. Just leave it there. Call dispatch.

KARLI BARNETT: The jet plane was carrying 231 passengers and 10 crew members. No injuries were reported on board or on the ground. The National Transportation Safety Board has opened an investigation.